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Tennessee is in the middle of its second year of a three-year, $1.5 billion renovation project at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

The area of Oak Ridge is crisscrossed by five long ridges, which run approximately parallel to each other in a northeast to southwest direction. The seizures of the Tennessee River cover a total area of about 4,500 square kilometers. The Clinch River, flowing southwest, turns eastward to Solway, where it turns southwest and then north again until it flows into the Mississippi. Oak Ridge is the site of one of Tennessee's largest and most famous nuclear power plants and houses a large number of nuclear reactors and other facilities.

There have been periods, however, when the Army has tried to bring some normality to Oak Ridge and its isolated community. The community life is enriched by the cultural beginnings of the early Oak Ridgers. With the goal of promoting the history of the Oak Ridge, the Secret City Festival, now known as CelebrateOak Ridge, offers a variety of arts and crafts shows, concerts and other cultural events throughout the year. With the goal of promoting the past and future of Oak Grove as a cultural center of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The Secret City Festival and the celebration of its history continue to enrich the life of this community with cultural activities such as music, art, dance, music and dance performances, food and food trucks, a children's playground, an arts and crafts show and many other activities.

Guided tours have been in place since 1996, and bus tours take you to the place in the thick trees that offer great views of Oak Ridge National Park and its surroundings.

Oak Ridge is now part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, which also has sites in New Mexico and Washington. The original streets include Oak Ridge Boulevard, the original entrance to the park and the old railroad tracks.

Knoxville Opera and Rossini Festival brings a taste of Europe to East TN and celebrates the most famous operas, music, dance and crafts in the world. The exhibition showcases the history and culture of the city of Oak Ridge and its people, culture and history. Promoting Knoxville's Chinese Culture "promotes East Tennessee's cultural diversity, particularly in education, arts, entertainment, business, tourism and education.

The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum in nearby Knoxville collects historic railroad equipment and offers a Secret City tour train departing from the Oak Ridge Heritage Center. The Oak Children's Museum Ridge provides hands-on learning opportunities to promote, enrich and enhance children's understanding of the history, culture and heritage of East Tennessee. Other higher education organizations that do not offer on-site tuition include the University of Tennessee at Knox County, Tennessee State University and the Associated Students of Knox Valley, as well as other local schools.

The 576-seat Pre-Stage Theatre was built in 1970 and has staged more than 1,000 performances of musicals, dramas, comedies, plays and other works since its inauguration. The professional theater company presents its performances at the Knoxville Theater. MainStage shows produced by the professional group of Christian theater artists at their venue have been performed in Oak Ridge since they opened in the early 1970s.

Founded in 1963, the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association is one of the oldest continuously chartered nonprofit dance organizations in the United States. The Oak Ridger has served Oak Ridge since its founding in 1884 as the city's first newspaper. For many years it was the home of AM radio station WATO and hosted its own television station KXRS - TV as well as a variety of radio stations.

Tennessee was a state divided by law and customs until the 1940s, and Oak Ridge elementary school was built and operated primarily with federal funds and was part of the Anderson County system. The practice of segregation, however, met with local opposition; in 1955, Oak Ridge became the first city in the South to order segregation of its public schools. Although it was a state-run project from across the nation, the community of Oak Ridger did not follow local custom, and its elementary and high schools were completely segregated.

The state provided the young nation with its political and military leadership, including dominant figures like Andrew Jackson, and played a key role in expanding the first border west of the Appalachian Mountains. The government came to East Tennessee and differed from the Tennessee Valley Authority in the 1930 "s, but the most dramatic and least public invasion followed the US Army's invasion of Tennessee in 1864 and the Civil War in 1865.

Oak Ridge is now challenged by an orbit around Knoxville that fits into a declining suburban orbit - like that of the East Tennessee Valley Authority, the state's largest economic development agency.

There has been a revival in the Jackson Square business district, and several businesses will move to new locations that will allow Oak Ridge to be within 25 minutes of new locations in Knoxville. There are still some federal projects in Eichengrat, but they are reduced in size and scope. The Oakridge site is located at 1028 Commerce Park Drive; the phone number for the site is bebe 865 - 425 - 1400.

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More About Oakridge