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Knoxville and Oak Ridge host several festivals each year, from the Secret City Festival to the Big Ears Festival, which is featured in the national news. Sports fans can also enjoy the action at the Knoxville Smokies football game, which features the Knott's Berry Festival and Nashville Predators basketball team, and the Knoxville Ice Bears ice hockey team, and sports fans can also enjoy the basketball court.

Live music has helped to drive downtown development and create an interesting and affordable place to live in Oak Ridge. The orchestra offers an extensive youth orchestra programme that competes with that of much larger cities. She livens up the concerts of her young people and conducts symphony musicians who visit schools, libraries and hospitals to actively make music. For the past 40 years, we have sponsored the annual summer concert series of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, the largest in the country.

In February, the Oak Ridge City Council appointed her as chairwoman of a committee to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of her son, Dr. Fred "Fred" Anderson Jr. The statement said he was a "great musician, a great friend and a wonderful father" and could play with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra for the first time in his life. He also taught songwriting to young people in Knox County and other cities in Tennessee and beyond.

Fowler moved the Oak Ridge Quartet to Nashville, where the group became a regular at the Grand Ole Opry in 1946. Numerous personnel changes followed until 1949, when the entire group parted ways with Fowler. At this point Fowler engaged Bob Weber, who led the Quartet of Golgotha, to take the name "Oak Ridge." In 1961 Gatlin changed his name to "The Oak Ridge Boys" and began to modernize their sound with fuller arrangements and elements of country and folk on records, making them one of the most successful country folk groups of all time. Golden left the group in 1969, replaced by Steve Sanders, who played acoustic guitar in her band.

The sound of the group harmonized well with their pop - accessible highs, but also with the more traditional elements of country, folk, blues and country folk.

The ridge valleys of eastern Tennessee were formed during the American colonial era, and the rough terrain was unbearable for early explorers, hunters, and settlers who wanted to go west. The gap and paths that run through it are now part of Cumberland Gap National Park, but the Park Service preserves the area and interprets its history.

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The Tennessee Valley is protected from extreme weather conditions, with an annual average temperature of 56 degrees, providing an ideal backdrop for the Oak Ridge region and surrounding mountains to the east and west. The tree - covered hills and hollowed-out ridges and valleys in the western part of the Appalachians - makes for winding, winding roads that are fairly pleasant. We often enjoy breathtaking views as the sun rises over the mountains of North Carolina. Knoxville and the Oak Ridge area are within driving distance, as are other major cities such as Nashville, Chattanooga and Nashville.

Here the demi - mountains of the Cumberland Plateau rise to embrace us, and in truth the atmosphere, spirit and zeitgeist of this entire region is best captured. In eastern Tennessee, the University of Tennessee is located in Knoxville and the Tennessee State University campus. Our university is home to the award-winning WUOT FM radio station, which broadcasts a variety of locally produced jazz, opera and folk programmes. This song, which is played repeatedly at sporting events by the United States Army Corps of Engineers marching band, is often called "Rocky Top," but it is actually the name of an Appalachian song.

If you're not sure where to start, the city of Knoxville, home to the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee State University campus, is a great place to stroll, shop and enjoy the beauty.

Services are held at Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Knoxville, and theme parks like Dollywood host a variety of events. Visit Nashville to learn more about the Tennessee capital and explore the music scene, or drive for an hour and play at Dolly theme park. Look back to find out about fun and exciting events that will take place in our near future!

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